Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday My Olde Friend

I wrote this for my deviantART journal, but I think it's nice enough to get its place in this blog, too. It's a little birthday speech to a friend of mine.

My dear friend,

I congratulate you!
A quarter of a century! Sure, to some that's yet nothing special. But in my opinion being of your kind and having the energy to keep going on with no need to rest for 25 years is worthy an applause!

I remember the night when we met, over a year and a half ago.
It was almost by accident on that Thursday in the middle of the darkest winter, after a pretty dark day. When coming to meet you I didn't have especially high hopes. Still you did your best to cheer me up - the best way you could with your deep, even depressing thoughts.
I'm not saying I didn't appreciate the effort. I thought you were interesting, even a bit awesome. But after returning home I forgot you. Your rival in his dark cape and half-mask had stolen my heart just a couple of days before, and I'm afraid I wasn't ready for a new friend like you in the middle of that haze. But you're patient. You knew I would call for you when the moment was right.

And the next spring I finally remembered my brief meeting with you.
I contacted you to hear from you again. Soon I couldn't understand how I could have forgotten you for the previous months! Now, when I really got to know you, I truely saw how special you were. I could listen to you for hours without getting bored. You were so different from the others I knew - so dark and thoughtful but not without that glimmer of humor and hope.

Soon I started introducing you to my friends.
Having so much fun in your company I believed my friends would also have a great time with you. Unfortunately it didn't always work: I talked about you to them - a lot! - but the response wasn't always that enthusiastic. However, some did meet you, and a couple of them even enjoyed their time with you.
Still, and I'm afraid this is still true today, none of my friends could see exactly what I saw in you or understand what made you so important an acquaintance to me.

My friend!
You have inspired me countless times and been there for me when I've been happy or on the verge of tears. Yet I wonder... How can we be such good friends with such huge differences in our personalities and thoughts? Sometimes it feels to me you've hardly in touch with the real life, with your pathos and idealization! I've even felt I'll never be able to understand all of your thoughts. But then again, maybe that little bit of mystery is what makes you so interesting - not just to me, but also to your countless other friends.

So, in conclusion, let us raise our glasses in honour of our friend's 25th birthday.
I'm looking forward to our next meeting and I'm certain you will continue to inspire me in the future.
I wish the next 25 years of your life will be filled with as much prizes, recognition, happiness and excitement as the first 25 have been!

Happy birthday to the musical Les Misérables.

I wish I've the time to write something about the Swedish-Finnish Les Misérables production one day soon.