What's This About?

I'm Siiri, 30s, from Finland. Theatrically Speaking then, for the most part, is a blog about musical theatre. I mainly discuss Finnish theatre, but occasionally, I go outside the borders of my home country: Scandinavia, Germany, West End, wherever my travels take me...

This blog is mostly written in English. I know it's odd to write in English about Finnish theatre, so I'll try to explain. My reasoning is that if there happens to be a person out there, one single non-Finnish-speaking person who is interested in the theatre performed in this country – this blog is for them. I'm making Finnish theatre fans read my thoughts in English, just for that person.

Makes sense? No?

I'm afraid I'll continue enthusing about musicals in English anyway.

Contact me by leaving a comment or by e-mailing me at siiri.liitia[at!]gmail.com.

This blog was formerly known as Some Superfluous Opinions.

Please note: all opinions expressed in this blog are my own and in no way affiliated with my current or past employers. For further information on this, please read my disclaimer.

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