Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Musical Year 2010

Maybe - as is the truth with most of this blog's content, I guess - I'm the only one actually interested in this. I'm just putting these up because I've figured out there might be someone out there who'd like to read this, and for that person I shan't keep a private musical diary but blast it all in the internet...
So. I'd like to list the shows I've seen this year, just for the sake of listing them.

I left for a holiday to NYC, and of course saw a couple of Broadway musicals:
In The Heights
- Did not like. Jet lag, maybe, but I don't think I would've really enjoyed this, no matter how awake. Some set changes at least, please, and maybe, well, some more interesting music...
A Little Night Music
- Thanks to jet lag, I hardly understood any of this. But buying the CD, I've grown to really like this show. Can't wait to see the Finnish version next year! And hey, I saw Angela Lansbury live. Nice.
- Simply put, great.
West Side Story
- Again, great. I love the cast recording!

Mary Poppins in Helsinki City Theatre
- I've never left any theatre smiling as widely as this time. Silly, cheesy and really, really good!

Titanic in Ypäjä Music Theatre. Closing night!
- Good production. Actually, awesome production, remembering it's an amateur theatre. Boring musical though. Titanic is one of the biggest disasters out there, and that's all the horror, chaos and feeling you can squeeze out of it?
Wicked in Helsinki City Theatre. Premiere!
- A nice show. The production maybe lacks something (well, at least sense at some points), but almost all actors are just amazing.

Chicago in Tampereen Työväen Teatteri.
- Maybe the worst show I've seen the whole year. I'd rather put the DVD in the player and watch it instead of paying a lot of money seeing something that tries to be an exact copy of the movie...

Les Misérables in Turku Swedish Theatre.
- In short, because I'm certain my lenghty review tires even the biggest fan out there: amazing.
Rebecca in Kouvola City Theatre.
- Very good. Actually surprisingly good for such a small theatre. I liked this a lot!

Les Misérables in Turku Swedish Theatre. Again.
- Even more amazing than the previous time. Marks the eleventh and final musical for me this year.

Going to see in 2011...
La Boheme, Finnish National Opera (oh well, it's an opera, but it's close enough)
Next to Normal, Helsinki City Theatre
West Side Story, Pyynikkisali in Tampere
Les Misérables, Turku Swedish Theatre. Again!
A Little Night Music, Turku City Theatre
and also, though I haven't bought the tickets yet...
Wicked, Helsinki City Theatre, again
RENT, Vaahterasali, Lahti (note to self: tickets can be bought from 1.1.2011. Get the best seats!)
Tanz der Vampire, Seinäjoki City Theatre

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