Sunday, March 20, 2011

Post Scriptum

Hey, by the way, remember the time I complained how messy most of the Finnish theatre websites are?
Well, I've reconsidered.

When I went to see RENT in Athens, only the following was needed to see the show:
- heard from an online friend there is RENT playing in Athens
- found, through googling, several pages of Greek but no address or anything relatively useful
- the friend told me "the number of the theatre"
- googled with the number, nothing
- found address and phone number by finding the theatre name on YouTube, felt happy
- went to Athens
- the phone number didn't exist
- tried to find a tourist info, succeeded on the second try
- met a very friendly tourist info lady ("This is not a ticket office, this is a tourist information!") who then proceeded to tell me where the theatre is on the map, which I already knew. Hardly a word of how to buy the tickets, which was what I had asked
- found out I had called the wrong number
- called the number, this time remembering to put all zeros in
- the number was for a wrong theatre
- the wrong theatre gave me the right number
- someone actually answered to me and told me about the performance times in good English
- turned out the address I have is wrong, but I forgot to ask for the right one
- went to hotel reception to ask for help, the lady didn't speak English
- the lady put me on phone with someone who asked me if I have the number of the theatre or if I want them to call it. I said I'll call myself
- went to the hotel reception next morning and talked to the man there. He could speak English, and, through complex googling, he found the theatre's new address and helped us to locate it on the map
- stumbled upon a ticket office by accident
- actually found the theatre and saw the show

Yeah, maybe I have to think about complaining of slightly confusing websites once more.
More about the production itself maybe later.

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