Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video Spam

I'm usually not one to tolerate video spam. When someone posts more than one, less-than-three-minutes video per day, I'll usually switch to the "too long, didn't watch" set of mind.
But today I'm going to break my own rules and share some of the musical videos I love the best. My reason for this is that I may never find a way to post these in any less annoying way...

First, there's the trailer to the recently closed Finnish RENT.

I'm sharing this even though you can't see the show anymore to get the chance to reminisce the day I went to see the show's closing night a little.
I wrote about the time I saw the opening night at here, and I don't have a huge lot to add. If possible, the show had gotten even finer. Sadly, the audience was not quite as enthusiastic anymore, there was hardly any screaming and no standing ovation. Maybe, one day, I'll be brave enough to start one myself, but currently my inner inhibitions stop me...
Anyway, I think this cast would've had what it takes for many times longer run, and whatever Suomen Musiikkiteatteri Ensemble ry decides to do next, I'll be there to see it.

Now some more Finnish goodness: my favourite Les Misérables cast of all times (more here) performs Än En Dag (One Day More) in Thalia-gaala:

I'm sharing this because, well, they're so awesome (too bad there's audio problems, though. This song definitely needs some Enjolras!).
And because I like talking about myself way too much, I could mention I uploaded the video to YouTube myself. I know Javert would disapprove such blatant breaking the law, but I disagree here. In this case, no one loses, but everybody wins - the theatre gets a free ad, Les Mis fans get more Les Mis videos to watch. It's not like piracy, which I really dislike. Piracy, no matter what everybody says, isn't a win-win situation. The only winner is the one who downloads the song, but everybody involved in making it, including the artists, are the losers.
I'm becoming better and better with these digressions. With a couple of years of practice I'll be on the level of Victor Hugo when it comes to talking about unrelated things.

The third video I'd like to share today is a Les Misérables One Day More flash mob in Warsaw that someone linked to me today in deviantART .

I think this is hilarious - and I'm very much planning to buy the cast recording they're advertising with this!
Casts of musicals everywhere, in every country, please let us see more of this sort of fun!

Stopping here.
I know I should continue the Les Mis album comparison... Let's see if I can make that happen during the Easter holiday!
And even if I don't, I've something to look forwards to (well, other than seeing musicals): I'll be giving a presentation of musical movies in school's movie course. Technically, it's teamwork, but my team has agreed it's better I do all the speaking... I'm afraid 75 minutes isn't enough for me!

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