Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There Is a Flame That Never Dies

A disclaimer of sorts: I'm a member of Eclipsis ry, which in turn is associated with the subject of this post. I was also requested to write a little something about this. So, here come my thoughts...

I've said it before – the saddest thing about theatre, and also the thing that makes the artform special, is how it isn't permanent. No matter how much you love them, your favourite cast members are going to leave, your favourite shows are going to close, and the video you saw the theatre personnel recording once will be hidden in the theatre's dark vaults for all of eternity.

Sometimes, however, the magic stretches out a bit. Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri's production of Tanz der Vampire closed over a year ago, but boy, does the production's ghost refuse to die down. And boy, am I glad about that.

Last spring, some of the Tanssi alumni performed at a May Day Revue at Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri (I wrote about that back then). Our eyes were still red from sobbing about the death of the production – the May Day concert gave us fans something new to obsess about for weeks instead of keeping wallowing in the unfairness of the show closing too soon. Largely because of this concert, and it's aftermatch in the fandom, Tanssi kept growing on me long after the production had closed.

And now, this spring, the vampires had another piece of happy news for the fans: next week, there'll be concerts again, complete with a fan meetup and everything. Thinking about it, I guess there's nothing to be surprised of here. Vampires live forever, after all...

There's something so heartwarming about the fact there is enough will and energy to get a thing like this done. That the performers, who just as well could've thought their job with Tanssi was done after the last curtain closed, come together once again to give us something new to squee about for the next year. And the fact that there's still a Tanssi fandom who will be there to scream.

These kinds of flashbacks to productions especially close to my heart are, to me, better than most full-blown musicals I've seen. Apart from Tanssi, once again, Åbo Svenska Teater can be used as an example. There's watching a perfectly fine production of Hair at ÅST – and then there's going to a student concert at said theatre and hearing a hilarious three-person version of One Day More. One is nice. The other hits you in the head with a considerable force and starts a lovely flood of flashbacks, leaving you smiling from ear to ear.

I have a feeling these concerts will be the same. While many musicals are good, only a few steal your heart. Somehow, us fans are lucky enough that at least one of those few keeps having these reunions.

Only a week to go anymore.

Say hi if you'll be at the concerts too! Actually, it appears I've volunteered to sell tickets at Tampere. Mention my blog and you will get no discount whatsoever! The mention will make me happy, though.