Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ÅST JCS: Preview Continuation

I already talked about Åbo Svenska Teater's upcoming production of Jesus Christ Superstar. But seeing I got the chance to visit the production's press info event today, here's a little update.

Firstly, I'll repeat what I've already been saying: I've a really good feeling about this. After this preview probably more than ever.

In the event, director Juha Hemánus talked about the vision behind the production a bit. The events will be set in the near future, in a post-apocalyptic society. The show will handle themes such as revolution (and it, at times, devouring its own children), mass media, and of course tragic human fates. Hemánus also made a point saying that, even though he can explain the thoughts behind the show, the audience should decide for themselves what they see in the production – that it's up to the watcher's own interpretation whether Jesus is a divine figure or not. It's not a question we can answer for sure, so the show is not going to offer definitive answers either.

So, I think I won't go deeper into any of the themes now but will return to this by sharing my own thoughts after I'll finally see the whole show next week.

Secondly... Even though I may be studying journalism, I admit that in this event, I was about five percent a member of the press and 95% a fan. It was just so nice seeing sneak peeks of the show and getting to say hi to some of the cast members! So, to share something of that feeling, here are said sneak peeks in audiovisual form:

A week and a day left to wait anymore.

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