Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Eek! Vampires

So! As many of you have heard already, Tanz der Vampire or Vampyyrien tanssi is coming back to Finland – premiering on February 3rd in Helsingin kaupunginteatteri.

Who's excited? I'm excited!

Alfred: Petrus Kähkönen / Miiko Toiviainen
Sarah: Raili Raitala / Anna Victoria Eriksson
Count von Krolock: Jonas Saari / Mikko Vihma
Prof. Abronsius: Antti Timonen / Tuukka Leppänen
Chagal: Kari Mattila / Risto Kaskilahti
Rebecca: Vuokko Hovatta / Leenamari Unho
Magda: Sanna Majuri / Laura Alajääski
Herbert: Samuel Harjanne (u/s Peter Pihlström)
Koukol: Juha Jokela

Chorus: Emilia Nyman, Kirsi Karlenius, Sofia Hilli, Tiina Peltonen, Inka Tiitinen, Kaisa Torkkel, Kai Lähdesmäki, Sampo Kerola, Ilkka Kokkonen, Unto Nuora, Hanna Mönkäre, Tuukka Raitala, Sami Paasila

Directed by Markku Nenonen

What is this? Some sort of happy delusion?

One of my favourite musicals of all times coming back to Finland with my all-time favourite actors Anna Victoria Eriksson and Tuukka Leppänen in leading roles – and featuring a really, really amazing-looking cast overall? Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri's brilliant Sarah Raili Raitala reprising her role? Jonas Saari, who played a breathtakingly impressive Javert in the recent Finnish Les Misérables, as Count von Krolock? I of course can't yet know for sure, but I have a feeling this is going to be good.

Counting both premieres, I have six tickets booked in advance. I guess that says it all about my enthusiasm for the production. It's a good feeling, to be really excited about something – and to share that feeling with friends and fellow fans. I've written about the lasting impression the first Finnish Tanz left on me and many others. I'm looking forward to finding out what kind of impressions the new production will make.

If you're considering traveling to Helsinki to see this, 1) hurry up, since the musical's run sadly ends in late April already 2) find useful links and information on Laura's blog.

Finally... Ever since Helsingin kaupunginteatteri released their first promotional photos for this new production, the discussion has been raging. I have to share my two cents.

I've gotten used to Count von Krolock's (Mikko Vihma) mustache. It does not bother me anymore. Actually, to be quite honest... I kind of sort of almost like the look.

Please do not bite me, fellow Tanz fans. Please do not bite.

See you in Helsinki!

Photos by Mirka Kleemola.

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