Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fact File

Voikkuinen was sneaky enough to tag me with one of these eight facts things!

The rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this tag - thaaaaaank youuuuu Voikkuinen!
2. Pass the tag to eight bloggers - you know what, I don't think so. I'm afraid I don't read too many blogs whose writers would care about this challenge.
3. Tell them about this tag - yeah.
4. Tell eight random things about yourself - now this is the fun part!

Okay! Go! Eight random MUSICAL things about Siiri - I want to have some order here, this is a musical blog after all!

1. If I were to work in a theatre - and I wish I will, one day - I think I'd rather work offstage than onstage.
I briefly wanted to be an actress when I was a kid, but that dream soon went the same way as my previous dreams of being a runner in the Olympics and selling yarn in a yarn shop. Though I admit I suffer from the feeling I bet every other musical fan recognises - that my life won't be really complete before I get to be a part the One Day More march in Les Mis.

2. Grease was the first musical I ever liked.
I was ten or eleven years old when I first saw it. My mother screamed to me that there's something fun on TV and I ran upstairs. She started taping the film from the point when Danny and Sandy meet each other again in the school sports event, and the first tape ran out of space in the middle - so I had about 5/6 of Grease on two separate VHS's (remember those wacky things?). I loved it beyond belief and could watch it twice the same day without getting bored in the least. Grease was also my first musical CD and the first DVD I owned.

3. Being such a huge musical fan as I am, I have an oddly small number of favourite actors and actresses.
I blame the fact that I've been an obsessive musical freak for less than three years. A year plus some being the runtime of an average Finnish musical, I haven't seen too many actors in more than one role so far. I don't want to name favourites based on one performance only.

4. Les Misérables is my favourite musical, I love it to bits and still cringe every time I have to watch through the horror of Gavroche dying, but it has made me cry only twice.
First time was by the end of the first time I ever saw the show, in West End. The reprise of Do You Hear the People Sing was too beautiful to hear - and not to cry! The second time was this summer in West End when the Overture begun. I don't know what hit me, but I started sobbing pretty grandiosely. I calmed down pretty quickly, though.

5. The Book of Mormon is the musical I'd most love to see at the moment.
Other ones I'd love to see live but haven't had the chance to, yet, are Notre Dame de Paris, Elisabeth, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray, Avenue Q and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (so many good musicals about this story, yet none to be seen by me!). Among others.

6. I've 55 musical cast recordings in my collection.
They're of 30 different shows and feature seven different languages. Ironically enough, one of these languages is not Finnish, and German - which I don't speak at all - is the most popular language in my collection right after English. My biggest number of CDs per show owned is, of course, Les Misérables, with eleven cast recordings and counting. My iTunes has 2,5 days of showtunes.

7. I've seen musicals live 45 times.
I've seen 25 different shows live. The show I've seen the most times is, of coure, Les Misérables, with nine times and counting, two productions seen (by the end of this year, the estimated numbers are 12 times and three different productions). Out of all the musicals I've seen, the first was Mamma Mia!'s world tour when it stopped at Helsinki, and the latest was Les Misérables, in Åbo Svenska Teater yesterday evening.

8. To me, sungthrough musicals are the best musicals.


  1. What's the difference between "Notre Dame de Paris" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"? (I'm not sure should I feel stupid right now or not).

  2. "8. To me, sungthrough musicals are the best musicals."

    Agreed, it feels so odd when people suddenly start to talk between the songs and in the worst case there's no music even in the background. :P

  3. Voikkuinen: NDdP is a French musical based directly on Victor Hugo's book. The Hunchback - or Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame - is a German musical based on the Disney film. And no, there's no need to feel stupid! :)

  4. Well, I understand now better. I don't need to feel stupid. Anymore. :D

  5. Well, I have to confess that witnessing the four Valjeans performing at the 25th anniversary concert at the O2 arena last year put the tears even in my eyes...

    Talking about which, I assume you have noticed that Finnkino is showing the 25th anniversary concert of "Phantom of the Opera" in selected cinemas here in Finland on next Wednesday and Thursday:

    This is most likely the same thing that will be released on DVD for Xmas, but it will nonetheless interesting to see it on the big screen.

  6. Alberto Orso: First of all, if I had been there to see it, I'd probably cried like a waterfall - I bet it was really amazing live!!
    Aaand as for the PotO thing... I've got my ticket booked for two weeks already, but thanks for the tip anyway! :)