Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Day at the Theatre

Click the picture to actually see something.

This is a one hundred percent honest account of what went down when I last went to the theatre, to see Tanz der Vampire in Seinäjoki again.

Most of this applies to every time I see shows. I usually wear Converse All Stars for long walks and the moments the need to run arises, and I have drag all sorts of stuff, from school books to packed lunches, along in my backbag so the hours in train will be bearable. Maybe going to theatre is a glamorous, special moment for some people - to me, it's special for sure, but in a way similar to extreme sports.
Theatres, why are you so far away from me?

The watermark is referring to my deviantART gallery, by the way. Like musicals, drawing is a dear hobby of mine - so of course some of my drawings are theatre-related. Check the link out if interested!


  1. Well, it will get easier (but also more expensive) to catch domestic musical and other theater productions once you get a driving license...

    With best regards,

    Alberto Orso (reporting from Turku after just witnessing the nypremiär of ÅST's Les Mis - still two more to go :-)

  2. I just got my licence today! so not having it is not the problem anymore - not having a car to use freely is... ;P
    But can't wait to see Les Mis tomorrow myself!