Friday, April 18, 2014

Miserable in Denmark

I've now seen three productions of Les Misérables directed by Georg Malvius: Åbo Svenska Teater and Tampereen Teatteri here in Finland, and, last weekend, Aarhus Teater in Denmark.

I loudly dissed Tampereen Teatteri when they announced they would stage a replica of the ÅST production. So when a new replica of the recent Finnish Les Mis productions pops up in Denmark – naturally I'll travel a thousand kilometers to see it. Don't bother asking. I can't really explain how I came to this decision.

Aarhus Les Mis is, of course, essentially the same thing we've seen twice in Finland. Same sets and costumes and general direction (though I have to mention it felt less of a copy of the Finnish shows than the TT production feels of the ÅST production. Both TT and Aarhus replicate a lot of ÅST's blocking, but I felt the Danish production gives the actors more freedom when it comes to movement) – I don't think I have much to say about the production as a whole anymore.

So let's try a slightly different approach to reviewing this time.

Jean Valjean: Stig Rossen

Javert: Peter Jorde

Fantine: Christina Elisabeth Mørkøre

Thénardier: Anders Bircow

Mme Thénardier: Jenny Asterius Persson

Marius: Thomas Høj

Cosette: Isabel Schwartzbach

Éponine: Mercedesz Csampai

Enjolras: Christoffer Brodersen 

Overall, I'm glad I traveled to see this one.

Especially for Javert.


  1. Hi Siiri!
    Thank you for coming, it's amazing that you traveled all the way to see the show. A true Les Mis-fan for sure!
    I'm glad that you're glad that you did the tour to denmark!
    And also, thank you so much for the gift! So kind of you!
    Take care!

    1. No, thanks to all of you in the cast and crew for a fantastic show! Hope the rest of your shows will be as amazing as the one I saw!! :)

  2. Love the descriptions and drawings! Wish I could have been there :)