Saturday, April 5, 2014

Top Blog!

Just a quick note this time...

Last week, I got some happy news. Some Superfluous Opinions has been listed as number four on Cision's list of Top 10 Finnish Culture-Related Blogs!

The whole list is as follows:
1. Kujerruksia
2. Herrasmiehen päiväkirja
3. Being Alive
4. Some Superfluous Opinions
5. Kulttuurin sekakäyttäjä
6. Kirjava Kukko
7. One Night In Theatre
8. Teatterikärpäsen puraisuja 2
9. 365 kulttuuritekoa
10. Kulttuurielämää Helsingissä
(Out of these, most are written in Finnish. One Night in Theatre also sometimes blogs in English.)

That's pretty neat, don't you think? Some of the things the ranking is based on are the number of readers and the amount of times links to the blog are shared on other websites – so it's of course thanks to you lovely readers that I made it this high on the list! Thanks for visiting and sharing, everybody!

And now, so this entry won't be just boring text and links, here's a little bonus... Watching and reviewing musicals wasn't the only thing I did during my Nordisk Turné in February. While visiting Copenhagen, I also got the chance to take a selfie with someone whose work has had a great impact on my life. Pictured, the blogger with Victor Hugo:

He looks delighted he gets to pose with me.

Once again, thanks so much for reading, everybody!

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