Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Theatre Summer 2015: On the Road Again!

Last summer, I toured Finnish outdoor theatres in search of the ultimate summer show.

It was a long and arduous search.

Outdoor theatre season is almost here again, so I figure it's time for a rematch. Planning for my theatrical trips of summer 2015, I've noticed that last time, I left out something essential.

As I wrote about at the end of my summer tour last year, around here, outdoor plays are made to entertain. So it's no wonder so many of them are farces, the ultimate funny genre – and a bit weird I managed to dodge the farce bullet completely last time.

This year, I'm aiming to fix this. I will find out what farces are all about, while also taking a look at other sorts of outdoor plays as I encounter them. Let's see who gets tired first: me, or the Finnish summer with its 300 premieres.

As was the case last summer, I'm going to write my Summer Theatre Summer entries mostly in Finnish. Finnish summer theatre is, well, such a Finnish genre that I feel it's best discussed in its native language.

However! In early August, there will be at least one Summer Theatre Summer entry in English. No summer tour of mine is quite complete without a visit to Sweden, after all... And, depending on how my summer plans fold out, maybe a couple of other international stops too.

Stay tuned for those, and wish me luck!